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Bibby Langmaid

Bibby Langmaid

Bibby Langmaid was born under the pier in Cleethorpes in 1957. He was the son of a ceiling tile installer, glassblower and geophysicist from Carlisle who had tragically died ten months before in a finger painting competition that went wrong.

Bibby attended the Mother Teresa Make-Do-and- Mend Convent in Rhyl but was expelled for hiding a propane cylinder in a hostess trolley.

Moving to Ross-on-Wye he took a part time job as an Emperor and taking an interest in eternalism he decided to live forever.

In 1972 he was elected Sherriff of Skegness, not to be mistaken for the Lincolnshire seaside resort of the same name that had the same name and was forever being mistaken for.

Despite living forever this did not hold Bibby back and, in 1983, two years after 1981 he died holding on to a large wooden post and being sprayed with diluted Bovril.

On his gravestone his postman carved the immortal words

“Bibby Langmaid, who’s parcel will forever be left with Jim at number 14”

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