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Famous Absurdists

Famous absurdists I would like to have met

Ernest Shackleton inventor of 

the invisible typwriter toupe

Winston Churchill

covering a Pontefract cake with sharp sand

Henry Campbell-Bannerman

inventor of the Bannerman

Magnetic Earwax Remover

Bert Weedon and his

Stilton Cheese Guitar

Leo Tolstoy relaxing with his favourite Partridge Family Album

Clement Attlee hoovering up a dead badger

in front of his Nuneaton residencce

Alan Bracegirdle 

A man at ease with his pencils

Newly retired David Cameron

visits London Zoo to add to his penguin collection

Isombard Kingdom Brunel

waits for his wife to pick him up

after purchasing an upright piano from Tesco

pointing man.jpg

Mrs Maybot evicted from her old home after years of neglect

Mr Farage with his girls

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