The Ely Bench Intervention


Frederick James Button, Ely's first invisible man, is sitting here

fred button.jpg
The Ely Bench Intervention-9.jpg

Dedicated to Edna Finklestein, Time Traveller, who sat on this bench tomorrow


In memory of Percy Trull (1935-1996), short-sighted darts player, forever missed

The Ely Bench Intervention-10.jpg

Christine Burke-Hampstead (1954-2008) Forgetful Cardiologist. Her work is forever in our hearts

The Ely Bench Intervention-13.jpg

Valerie Frogmorton,(1897-1945) chronic amnesiac. Never to be forgotten


Tobias Rutherford, Ely Philosopher, thought he sat on this bench 21/1/1934 and therefore he did

The Ely Bench Intervention-18.jpg

Near this spot lies Arnold Fitzherbert, Emeritus Professor of Probability (Christ's, Cambridge).

    Twice struck by lightening whilst walking under a ladder on Friday 13th  June 1966


In memory of Tommy 'Tactile' Trubshaw (1845-75) He touched us all

The Ely Bench Intervention-24.jpg

Queen Elisabeth I, of England, slept here 15th May 1554 but was moved on

Queen Bess.jpg

In memory of Sydney Ogg (1950-1993) Struck by lightening after attempting to read this notice

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