Mack Mathod

My work, whether performed or constructed, is in the tradition of the Surrealists, Dadaists, French Absurdist theatre and Post Russian Revolutionary writers and performers. I strive to reintroduce humour and stupidity into an over serious contemporary art format, an aspect which I see as an important generic omission since the sixties.

I have been an absurdist all of my life. In the seventies, after leaving Leeds College of Art I performed in absurd events all over the country. I have been a comedy scriptwriter for stage, TV and Radio, performer, director, and educator and, over the past ten years have been manipulating bizarre ideas through photographic found images and artefacts.

I have a strong belief that humour needs to be redefined in its role in Contemporary Art activities. I am continually, reassessing the absurd in practice whether with tangible artifacts or in performed interventions and ideas.

I have a fond respect for the meaningless and the ridiculous that, once a staple diet of twentieth century creativity I feel needs to be reintroduced into the mindset of twenty first century artforms.

I would like people to laugh, cry and misunderstand my work.

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